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read around the isle

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From a young age kids dream about what they want to be when they grow up. It is often during these pivotal childhood years that children begin to shape their futures and realize the potential of what life can offer them. There are many experiences and individuals, from teachers to athletes that have the potential to ignite the spark within the minds of young children.

Read Around the Isle was created with that goal in mind. We strive to introduce children to stories, leaders, and inspirational voices that will ignite the spark to a child’s bright future. Reading a great story is just the beginning of this enlightening experience, but hearing how reading has impacted a life is the catalyst for connecting each story to a child’s dreams for their future.

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At CWP, our goal is to introduce children to a variety of successful individuals
from politicians, medical professionals, authors, musicians, and athletes.
Read a story and inspire a generation!


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When students and teachers have access to the right resources, books, technology, and support they can achieve great things and make their mark on the world.