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Caribbean with Purpose Collegiate Break program provides year-round alternative school break volunteer opportunities to college students across the United States and the Caribbean.

When students volunteer with Caribbean with Purpose to ensure that each student has an opportunity to be empowered with a creative place of inspiration, exploration and discovery improving literacy and providing hope.

Service volunteering can be equally transformative for collegiates as they learn on the frontlines and witness their own potential for making an impact.

Students describe their experience as:

Collegiate Break trip applications now open

Search for available student volunteer opportunities and learn how to apply!
You can choose to volunteer close to school or on the other side of the country. No prior experience is needed to volunteer. All you need is a few other students, ages 18 or older. So, grab some friends and apply for a Collegiate Break opportunity today. Then prepare for an incredible experience that you and your friends will never forget!
Collegiate Break is unique in offering year-round volunteer opportunities for students across the U.S. Below is our posting schedule for summer, fall and winter break opportunities.

If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQ, contact us [email protected] or (800) 358-4090.

Check out our featured trip opportunities!

Consider joining one of these service experiences from Caribbean locations looking for new volunteers.

Schedule of Opportunities

Break period
Travel months
Date schedule posted
2024 Summer break

June 2024 - Aug. 2024

Dec. 4, 2023

2024 Fall break

Sept. 2024 - Nov. 2024

July 15, 2024

2024 Winter break

Dec. 2024 - Feb. 2025

Sept. 2, 2024


Collegiate Break opportunities are available year-round to submit an application. Please refer to the schedule of opportunities for the dates when travel months will be posted. After you apply, the “Get Involved” volunteer office will reach out to you within two business days to complete your registration. Note: Your team’s place is not reserved until your CWP Volunteer Leader contacts you.

Volunteers age 18 and older may participate in this program. Chaperones over the age of 25 are also welcome.

Local Caribbean with Purpose organizations, or affiliates, across the caribbean host Collegiate Break volunteer groups for week-long periods, typically over spring, summer and fall breaks.

Each location is unique with different group sizes based on local Caribbean with Purpose’ needs. Caribbean with Purpose affiliates will provide the materials and service work for the week, while you are responsible for recruiting your group, for the week.

Most groups arrive on Saturday and depart the following Saturday, but this can vary based on the Caribbean with Purpose location you are working with.

  1. First, you’ll need a group with a few other students. Please check with the Get Involved Volunteer office to find out the minimum team size they require. See question “Can I participate as an individual?” for more details.
  2. Once you have an interested group of friends, identify a team leader and your preferred travel dates. The team leader will serve as the primary point of contact for the Get Involved Volunteer department on all matters related to the volunteer trip. The team leader must be someone who is traveling on your trip.
  3. Search the listings, select an opportunity – local Caribbean with Purpose and date — for your group’s participation and click Apply.
  4. This will take you to an intake form, which must be completed and submitted by the team leader on behalf of the entire group. Individual group members should not submit separate forms.
  5. Within two business days, your selected Caribbean with Purpose will contact your team’s leader to complete your registration.

At this time, Collegiate Break is only open to groups. The minimum and maximum team sizes are set by each local Get Involved volunteer department and depend on their capacity.

The group doesn’t have to be an official club or organization to participate. Ask around within your school, church, civic group or friends. You never know who might be interested, and how a trip together might strengthen your relationships!

Each group should select a team leader who is the primary contact for the group. A single point of contact — the group leader — for all communication with the Get Involved Volunteer department is important to avoid confusion and ensure alignment on all aspects of the trip.


The team leader should submit the application on behalf of the group and should manage all follow-up communication with the Get Involved Volunteer coordinator to complete registration and to help your group prepare for the trip.

Please consider the following before submitting an application to the Get Involved Volunteer department:

  • The per-person fee required to participate. This varies by location and is used to support the local project. You’ll pay this fee directly to CWP before arrival. Refer to the contribution levels and payment deadlines.
  • Accommodations: It will be your group’s logistical and financial responsibility to secure accommodations for the week. CWP specifically offers lodging as part of their opportunity. Please check directly with the Get Involved department to find out the lodgings opportunities that will be provided to you.
  • Transportation: Groups are responsible for their own transportation to the destination and all travel costs to and from the site, whether you are driving or flying.
  • Food: Groups are responsible for their own meals, food arrangements and costs unless the Get Involved department states otherwise.

In most cases, your group will arrive on Saturday afternoon, and depart the following Saturday morning. Build activities occur Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday, but the schedule varies by Caribbean with Purpose location.

Projects may include reformatting a classroom, assisting in sorting collateral for the

Book Cove, landscaping projects or another type of assignment that helps meet Caribbean with Purpose goals within that community. Some affiliates may plan an evening activity for your group, such as dinner immersed in the culture, but generally your evenings will be free.

Cancellation policies are set by Caribbean with Purpose. Generally, you will be required to pay a nonrefundable deposit to secure your trip dates, while the remainder of your fees are due closer to the time of the trip. Make sure that you understand the policies before you confirm your trip.


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What's Next?

The Collegiate Break team will send your team’s application, including the leader’s contact info, to the local Caribbean with Purpose office. If your application is approved, the local Caribbean with Purpose office.
Note: Your team’s place is not reserved until you receive confirmation from the local Caribbean with Purpose office. 
If you have trouble applying, check the frequently asked questions or contact us at [email protected] or (214)636-0671.