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Business partners

Corporate volunteers making a difference in communities.

Thank you for your interest in corporate volunteering. Many businesses are now seeing the short- and long-term benefits of bringing employees outside the walls of the office, and into the volunteer space.

Whether this is your first company volunteer event, or you’re seasoned pros, Caribbean with Purpose provides a fun, easy and engaging experience. We’re in the business of building safe, affordable housing, and would love to work with you.

Research has shown that employees prefer to work for companies invested in charitable causes, and volunteering is a terrific way to facilitate that need at a relatively low cost to you. It is especially important to the Millennial generation, born approximately 1980-2000, which is the second largest outside of the Baby Boomers and is now entering the workforce in droves. 

Benefits to corporate volunteering with Caribbean with Purpose

For additional information on the business and costs of volunteering, take a look at this in-depth article from America’s Charities.

Maybe you’ve already spent money on ropes courses, picnics or retreats, and those all certainly have their place. We believe it’s also valuable to invest time with your employees in meaningful work that will not only have an impact on them, but on the people they help for years to come. 

There are two primary ways for businesses to partner with us through volunteering:

Contact Caribbean with Purpose Partnership Team and they will be happy to inform you of upcoming opportunities, and plug you into one our program initiatives that best fits both of your needs.

If your business is regional or national, and you’d like to volunteer across multiple Caribbean with Purpose locations, please contact us at 214-636-0671 or email us at [email protected]


No, just come as you are. We have jobs and tasks for all skill levels and abilities including construction, beautification, running errands and touch-ups. In addition to build projects, you may choose to serve at a Purpose in a Backpack in your area, which is our summer enrichment initiative in underserved and under-resourced communities.

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