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About Us

Caribbean With Purpose is a non-profit organization that strives to combat illiteracy in the Caribbean by partnering with local communities and schools to support the progression of reading and academic achievement amongst students. We strongly believe in the educational and developmental benefits ignited by immersing children in a world of literary to advance creativity, confidence, and imagination. Our efforts begin with a customized approach for each community we serve beginning with access to books and literary resources, followed by continuing professional development for educators, merit programs and awards, and access to technological tools.

According to a Jamaica Education Transformation Committee report:

  • 60% of students in Jamaica struggle to comprehend what they read, and 33% of students cannot read at all
  • 56% of Jamaican students cannot write, while 60% of students are failing math

According to UNICEF:

  • 50,000 adolescents in Jamaica are currently not in school
  • Due to the pandemic, children in Jamaica lost 1.3 billion hours of in-class time
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our values


Be of value to the students, teachers, parents, and our stakeholders.


Deliver the highest-quality products and services.


Perform our work with imagination and technology.


Explore and bring to light new knowledge and ideas, and better ways of teaching and learning


Capitalize on the richness inherent in differences


Carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability

what we do

We understand that providing access to literary works alone is great, but will not result in substantial impact. Therefore, in addition to great books, each Book Cove is programmed to invest in the long-term development of students, teachers, and parents.


Beyond access to great books, each student will have the opportunity to envision a future of endless possibilities through:

Resource Teachers

A partnership with administrators and educators are each school is an essential element to the success of each Book Cove and includes:


A child’s prospects for the future increase when they have support from parents at home. Our goal is simply to:


Book Cove

Grab a team, roll up your sleeves and spend a week building a BOOK cove and sharing the love of literature.

Virtual Book Drives

Host a book drive for your company, church, or community.

Fundraisers Events

Invest in the future of a student and continue help combat illiteracy by supporting a CWP fundraiser.

Read Around The Isle

Display your love for Literature by joining us for a day of reading.

Book Camp

Teachers and education majors, join us for a week of hands on learning and inspiration.

School Challenge

An exciting and unique opportunity for young people of any age to get involved and create positive change in the world.


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Make a difference in someone's life!

When students and teachers have access to the right resources, books, technology, and support they can achieve great things and make their mark on the world.


Enter your information below to get involved today!

Make a difference in someone's life!

When students have access to the right resources, they can achieve great things. When teachers have the right resources, they can help even more.